Google recently released its latest Transparency Report, this time focusing on YouTube, including compliance with the Community Guidelines. Based on the reported data, thorough work has been done in the last quarter, but this is mainly due to the content analysis algorithm.

According to the report, a record number of videos have been deleted from the site in the period of April - July 2020. This means the removal of a total of 11.4 million posts. By comparison, in the same period of 2019, YouTube judged only 9 million contents to be incompatible with the platform.
As with almost everything this year, this has to do with the coronavirus epidemic. Due to the pandemic, the capacity of the moderators decreased, so algorithms had to be implemented. The company said they then had to choose between two options: the software was either too "light-hearted" or too hard. The developers chose the latter, i.e. they increased the sensitivity of the algorithm.
Back in March, Google indicated that employees could work from home till the end of 2020, and then extended it again in July by half a year. Experts warned at the beginning of the year that all this would mean a greater reliance on the algorithm. The reason for this is simple: moderation is done in offices, as doing it from elsewhere would also put user data at a greater risk.
For this reason, Google was also prepared for more appeals due to unlawfully deleted videos, so the team had been reinforced to keep applications pending. Indeed, the number has topped: while 116,000 applications were received in the first quarter, there were already 325,000 between April and June 2020. In light of this, about 160,000 videos have been restored, a significant increase from the previous quarter’s 41,000 results.