Welcome to the website of the Digital Freedom Committee!

 The biggest challenge of our times is whether we will be able to control technology or technology will rule our lives. This issue is particularly relevant with respect to the so-called social media, which collects and analyses our personal data, habits, behaviour, opinion and consumption with the aim of exerting influence upon them. The fundamental question emerges: will we be able to maintain our personal freedom in the digital space? Will we be able to protect ourselves, our children, our family and our loved ones from the non-transparent influence of the technological giants? The online/digital space also makes us confront questions that concern data security, phasing out the urge for excessive consumption and the ability to exert influence of certain market players (for example in connection with expressing opinions or access to information), among other things.

It is precisely for that reason that the Ministry of Justice has set up the Digital Freedom Committee, which aims to make transparent the operation of transnational technological companies. Building on the experience of public bodies, the Committee examines the wide-ranging challenges and regulation of the online space by subject areas in order to attain the possibility of personal freedom in the digital space with the help of transparency.

The Committee's website serves several important purposes. Visitors of the website can share their experience and questions on the subject, and thus have an impact on the activity of the Committee. In addition, the Committee’s thematic sessions can be continuously followed through the website. To this end, we are updating the site after each Committee session thus providing the opportunity to give feedback on the results and findings thereof.

As a starting point, a so-called “White Paper” is available on the Committee's website, in which the Ministry of Justice gathered the relevant experience of public bodies accumulated so far.

We invite you to keep an eye on our work and share your thoughts and opinions with us! Let’s keep in touch!