The chairman of the data protection authority proposed the legislation of social media.

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are hurt by the unjustified suspension of personal profiles. According to experts, there is a need to create Hungarian laws in order to regulate the social media. However, in data protection terms, such as the asking for personal papers, Hungarian authorities have little scope of action. Attila Péterfalvi, the chairman of the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information proposed a new legislation of social media by the government, according to which profiles could be suspended only for a reason, and Hungarian authorities should have the opportunity to control its legality. With profile suspensions committed during an election period, the owner of Facebook would have a strong influence on the results. The practice of suspensions is risky, since it hinders the freedom of expression, the flow of information and in some cases even the working process.
The suspension of profiles is an objectionable practice regarding the freedom of speech and the flow of information, since equal rights must be given in all areas. The processes of Facebook against the rules must be observed and alternatives must be found.
Attila Péterfalvi proposed to create a new legislation. According to him, regarding the Hungarian practice, the copy of the documents could be a problem, which is against the data protection regulation and the exercise of the Hungarian authorities as well.
Facebook is not ruled by Hungarian rules, but by common European laws. Hungarian authorities cannot start an inspection. However, giving a look at the side of the flow of information, a new legislation is needed.
A Hungarian administrative procedure should be created, which obliges Facebook to revise the unjustified suspension of profiles, in order to let the freedom of expression truly free.

Author: Orsolya Nagy