It is the first time a post (a video) of Donald Trump has been entirely deleted by Facebook. In this video, Donald Trump affirms that children are almost completely protected from the coronavirus. Facebook justified the removal of the video by saying it is a source of disinformation about pathogens. This is against the firm’s policy concerning this topic.

The American news agency, AP noted that according to several studies, children are really less likely to be infected by this disease, and, once they are infected, they have better chances to surpass the illness with lighter symptoms. According to a study of April examining 2500 children, it was concluded that only 1 infected out of 5 needs to be cured in hospital, however, regarding the adults, this amount is 1 out of 3.
“The president has only announced a fact: children are less infected by the coronavirus than adults” – said Courtney Parella, spokeswoman of Donald Trump. She added that social media are not judges.
Mark Zuckerberg, director general of Facebook judged the rival Twitter in May since it has pinned the posts of Trump. He proposed to its users to check the facts.
Zuckerberg said than to CNBC American news channel that he does not think that Facebook or any other online platform should play the role of a judge.
The role of Facebook is to give people the opportunity to express their opinion on a freer way.
Last week, Twitter microblog banned the personal account of Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr. for 12 hours and asked him to delete a post. Donald Trump Jr. shared a recording in which American doctors are saying that hydroxychloroquine, used to cure the malaria also cures the coronavirus. The president has also shared the post, but he has not been affected by the restriction.